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The greatest Vaidika Puja, which a devotee can offer to Lord Shiva is Rudrabhisheka

This puja is hailed by all the Vaidika scriptures, even by Ayurveda scriptures also, as one of the greatest pujas for all-around success which removes all the evils and neutralizes all the malefic effects of Planets. Rudrabhisheka works as Prayaschitam for all types of sins. It fulfills 364 types of desires of human beings. We offer daily Rudrabhisheka for Gurukula supporter who offers their valuable support to Gukrukula. In Gurukula we do Rudrabhisheka daily, so it will be done with Sankalpa of you and your family well being. Live telecast of this will be available via Facebook live where you can see the Sankalpa and participate in it. You can see daily online. If anyone would like to offer Rudrabhisheka daily for himself and his family. He can offer 5001 INR every month to Gurukula and we will do it daily for him.

Who should perform Rudrabhisheka?

  • Any person who is in great fear, fear of death. He should perform Rudrabhisheka.
  • If you are suffering from evil effects of certain planets occupying unfavorable positions.
  • If you are facing imminent difficulties.
  • If your enemies are bothering you.
  • If a person suffering from an incurable disease
  • If someone not having progeny.
  • If someone wants to attain all-around prosperity. Attainment of a son, grandson, wealth, grain, Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha and freedom from death.

Who will perform the puja?

It depends on which puja you decide to offer, we offer pujas other than Rudrabhisheka also. We guarantee that the puja will be done by highly qualified people in that particular field like a Vaidika puja will be done by only qualified Veda Pathi.

How does it work?

You decide to offer puja and you book puja with us. In sign up process, we collect all the necessary information and we call you to collect more information and confirm your booking. When you book the puja after Sign up you can mention your Sankalpa and we will offer your puja with that Sankalpa. If you have booked Puja and we have accepted it then It is our guarantee that it will be done.

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